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Jetman -

The majority of Jets fans were rooting for Aaron Rodgers to become a Jet last April. I was one of them--all in on the move, dreaming of an outstanding opening night. We all know too well of the horror that ensued just four plays into the game, the moment when the stands fell silent. But what went on before and after that injury is mental torture, on the sickest level.

Rodgers takeover of the team, making all of the decisions for the owner, GM and head coach; having us bring in Hackett, THE worst OC in football, after he single handily destroyed the Broncos and was fired last year; having us bringing in Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb and Tim Boyle, none of whom added any value; the team and fans having to endure the media frenzy, with interview of him about his injury, rehabilitation and progress, multiple times a week, coupled with him on the Pat Mcafee show each and every Tuesday, dominating the news for the bumbling team (with a great defense) that is our NY Jets.

It is now, as we are officially eliminated from the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season, and guaranteed our 8th losing season in a row, that I want to see, Aaron Rodgers start our final 3 games this season. Yes, you read that right, after all of the talk about how he is the guy that can defy science and recover from a torn Achilles faster than any other player, I want him to come out and play these 3 games. And, if he gets hurt again, then so be it, we can and will be released from his total dominion and control; we would be able to then, finally, clean house, fire Hackett, Salah and possibly Douglas too. Be able to go back to the drawing board, draft a 1st round top QB prospect, in our unending quest to find a QB.

It's time to step up, show and prove to the fan base and to the rest of the league, that you did what couldn't be done, and start the game on Christmas Eve against the Commanders. And, maybe, just maybe, we will see what we all wished and hoped for in September, an elite and HOF QB, leading a competent offense in a game this season and showing us what to expect, going into next year.

Go Jets!

- JM

Boxing Writer Frank Lotierzo -

Tonight ranked heavyweights Joe Joyce 15-1 (14) and southpaw Zhilei Zhang 25-1-1 (20) clash in a rematch on ESPN-plus.

Zhang won their first fight last April via a 6th round TKO. In fact Joyce was so inept defenselessly and his punches looked as if they were rain drops falling on Zhang, that if you didn't know better it was reminiscent of Sonny Liston beating up Chuck Wepner.

Based on the last fight it's hard to see what Joyce can do to reverse the result, but since they're heavyweights and not terribly gifted other than being big, it won't come as a surprise if Joyce won.

That said, I don't see Joyce at age 38 as a fighter who can change much other than being better prepared and maybe suffocate Zhang's southpaw style if he can get inside, something he paid a heavy price for 5-months ago.

As for Zhang, 40, he was tiring as the last fight progressed but he inflicted so much damage prior it wasn't an issue. His style and offense really befuddled Joyce the last time, actually the disparity was overwhelming. Zhang seemed to find a home for every straight left and right hook that he threw and if Joyce can take that away this time, he's better than I thought.

At yesterdays weigh-in, Joyce at 281 is 25 pounds heavier than he was the last time and Zhang at 287 is 9 pounds heavier than he was for their last fight.

As for a pick, I don't have a strong feel either way and if it goes to a decision I have concerns for a multitude of reasons. But I'll NEVER hedge and would make a pick if Jimi Hendrix were fighting Jimmy Page.

Based on the disparity and how Joyce never tickled or bothered Zhang the last time, and how Zhang shook Joyce like I never saw anyone do before, I think Zhang has the edge mentally and stylistically, so I'm going with repeat over revenge.