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Frank Lotierzo writes for North East Streaming Sports Productions-

Since David Benavidez took apart Demetrius Andrade Saturday night, there's been non-stop chatter how Benavidez 28-0 (24) would take Canelo Alvarez 62-2-2 (39) apart if they meet sometime in the next 12-months.

Perhaps that may be the case.

But remember, Benavidez will fight as the alpha dog versus Canelo because he only has one-speed, all out, and only one-gear, forward. Nobody, not even Golovkin bettered Canelo trying to out fight him while trying to take him out. But that was going on seven years ago and maybe Benavidez would be getting him at the right time.

Yes, we've seen Canelo out boxed, but never really out fought. He has a cast iron chin, he's difficult to hit clean, is physically strong and can be a debilitating puncher himself at times. And if Benavidez empties his wagon and Canelo isn't shook or hurt, now what? There's a chance Benavidez is a front runner and if/when he gets shook, he might come undone.

I'm not saying Canelo wins, nor am I conceding he'll lose, I'm just saying stylistically and physically Canelo can match up with a big super middleweight like Benavidez, and that assuming he gets taken apart by him might be a knee jerk prisoner of the moment reaction.

All that being said, Canelo has seemed reluctant to meet Benavidez and if he doesn't meet him next and fights Munguia or Jermall Charlo as it's been said - then it's a duck.

Benavidez has done his part and the marination excuse is BS