Muhammad Ali

#1 Heavyweight of 20th Century,

 Record 56-5, The only 3 time Linear Champion, Rated best Heavyweight Champion 12x, beating 21 boxers winning 14 unified title bouts, legendary rivalry with Joe Frazier, Thrilla in Manilla saw by 1 billion people around the world. Inside and outside the ring outspoken on racial injustice and social activism willing to lose title refusing to go to the Vietnam "Conflict" War not registering because of religious beliefs. Greatest self promoter in boxing history.


Kid Blackie - 68-6-11.  Only at 6'1" and 187 lbs would be a light heavyweight today, always fought men bigger than him. With incredible power and strength would dominate the bigger fighters. Most famously was the win over Heavyweight Champion Jess Willard. Willard 6ft 6 in 245 lbs. Dempsey knocked him down 7x in 1st round breaking Willard's jaw, ribs, and a couple teeth.