NHL Coverage with Special focus on North East Teams


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The 2-on-0 Hockey Show is a North East Streaming Sports original show that focuses on the NHL, professional hockey, and the sport of hockey in general with a special emphasis on teams from the northeastern United States. The show, co-hosted by Carter Bentivenga and Andrew Morici, gives listeners the most up-to-date information on hockey, from games, trades, and much more. The show itself also offers opinions from different angles, as Carter (a fan of the N.Y. Islanders) and Andrew (a fan of the N.Y. Rangers) are fans of rivaling hockey clubs. Finally, the show gives viewers an insight on how the "next generation" of hockey fans views the game. Check out the 2-on-0 Hockey Show with Carter and Andrew only on Northeast Streaming Sports, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-7pm!